Hawaii Dental Forum

The Hawaii Dental Forum began in 2005 as a new and unique study group that is directly associated with the “Seattle Study Club Organization.”  The Seattle Study Club Organization was founded by Dr. Michael Cohen in the late 1970s.  There are now over 182 Seattle Study Clubs throughout the USA. The Hawaii Dental Forum is exclusively the first and only study group here in Hawaii to be affiliated with the Seattle Study Club Organization and will receive their full and expert support.  Members of the Hawaii Dental Forum will also receive full continuing education credit for courses.

At the local level, the Seattle Study Club creates an environment of a “University without walls.”  This is where the creation of the “Hawaii Dental Forum” was conceived. As the Director of the Hawaii Dental Forum, Dr. Umaki chose to include the word “Forum” because it describes the essential essence of the Seattle Study Club: a medium for open discussion; a public assembly, lecture or program involving audience or panel discussion. Coordination between the restorative doctor, the surgeon and the laboratory has been the key ingredient in achieving successful results for patients. Dr. Umaki is committed to organizing a network of restorative dentists who are interested in practice growth and utilizing comprehensive treatment planning with innovative use of implant therapy.

It is Dr. Umaki’s belief that the Hawaii Dental Forum (HDF) will create a place where we here in Hawaii can have the very best medium for lifelong learning, growth and achievement of our highest potential as a dentist, for our patients and for ourselves.  HDF will be dedicated to comprehensive treatment planning, total case management and the development of pertinent discussions yielding new insights to be instituted in the care of patients.  Dr. Umaki has had an overwhelming response for the 2005-2006 group and although the HDF is currently full, membership will be open for the following year.